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Benefits of Fasting on Gut Health

Is Weight Loss the Only Benefit of Fasting?

Undeniably, one of the primary benefits of fasting is the increase in the population of good bacteria in the gut, which in turn can speed up the weight loss process. However, fasting has other medicinal benefits on the gut that can help treat and prevent many chronic disorders.

For example, fasting can improve the gut microbiome which can in turn help treat mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Additionally, both insulin sensitivity and blood glucose balance can be easily achieved when fasting is done under the supervision of a health professional or when using a fasting mimicking diet on your own. Similarly, gut bacteria are key in preventing allergies, especially skin-related disorders. Fasting can help treat the root cause of such allergies and help minimize their impact and thus potentially improve outcomes (1,2).

Successful and permanent treatment of chronic diseases can only be achieved when one’s dietary routine is fit for such endeavors. Without a healthy gut, it becomes much more complicated to manage chronic diseases rooted in gut health. Supervised fasting protocols can help one achieve beneficial gut environment, thereby potentially improving management of chronic disorders in the long-term.



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