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the longevity diet by dr valter longo

I have had an opportunity to review a new book by Dr. Valter Longo, a leading researcher in the areas Nutrition and Longevity, called THE LONGEVITY DIET: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight. I have been eagerly awaiting its release as I have been following the research by Dr. Longo’s team in Los Angeles and the implications for the optimal care of my patients in my preventive cardiology practice.

The book illustrates five pillars used by Dr. Longo to advance evidence-based dietary interventions: human evolution, scientific discovery, clinical trials, epidemiology and observational research. The book uses the five pillars to suggest exciting new dietary concepts and applications aimed at optimizing our Healthspan, the healthy part of our lives, and to manage chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Auto-Immune Diseases.

The book summarizes findings reported in over 20 published scientific articles in premier journals such as Cell, Nature, and Science and Translational Medicine as well as from the author’s global trips to the Blue Zones (areas with highest concentration of centenarians). The research focuses on “nutri-technology” or how to use actual food to trigger or suppress important pathways that favor health or aging and illness. It also reviews cutting-edge topics in nutrition such as fasting, the Fasting Mimicking Diet developed by Dr. Longo,  and interventions that enhance the body’s own stem cells to reverse biological aging.

I respect this work as Dr. Longo is the winner of many awards such as the Jubilee award given by the Royal Swedish Society, and of more than $26 Million dollar in grants from the National Institute of Health, The National Institute of Aging and the National Cancer Institute. He is considered by many to be the global leader in nutrition and aging. In THE LONGEVITY DIET, he explains his healthy, life span-extending programs.

I would strongly recommend that the new year begin with a resolution to read THE LONGEVITY DIET which is available for preorder now at online bookstores, and in stores starting Jan 2nd. Don’t miss out on the revolution occurring in food-based methods to slow aging and promote health.

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