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Fasting and Asthma: New Hope for a Serious Condition

Fasting is clearly the latest and greatest tool to reduce metabolic dysfunction, but based on the feedback from one of my patients, I am excited to now think it can be hugely beneficial to another large group of people, impacted by a different medical issue.

Here’s the story. I recommended and prescribed the new fasting mimicking diet, ProLon, to my patient, as a therapeutic modality for generalized overall cardiovascular health. In addition to that medical concern, she also happened to have long-standing asthma, for which she used a rescue inhaler often and also used a prescribed daily asthma drug.

To her surprise and delight, following the monthly use of the Fasting Mimicking Diet over three months, she no longer needed the daily inhaler, which she had used for well over a decade. Meanwhile, her use of the rescue inhaler was limited to twice over the entire three months, when she was previously using the rescue inhaler nearly on a daily basis. She now intends to use ProLon at least every three months to maintain this benefit! She was beside herself with joy over this outcome.

She is incredibly thrilled by this happy turn of events and feels better than she can ever remember. In all honesty, although there is no formal data to my knowledge on the benefits of periodic fasting for asthma, it isn’t really surprising that it is beneficial. After all, periodic fasting and the Fasting Mimicking Diet are like reboots to most systems of the body. They induce a healthier gut microbiome, as well as lower systemic inflammation and improve immune function. What a wonderful anecdotal story this is of induction of asthma remission with fasting!

Of course, more data is needed and formal studies need to be performed, but with this incredible individual success story, the general safety of ProLon, and the prevalence of asthma, I personally intend to offer ProLon to all of my asthmatic patients who have no contraindications to its use, with the hope and expectation that their asthma will also be benefitted.

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