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Mental Clarity with the Fasting Mimicking Diet

I’ve now done the fasting mimicking diet, ProLon, a whopping 11 times – spanning 2.5 years. It’s done some amazing things for my health, and I’ll share all of the benefits with you over many blogs, but in this particular blog, I want to focus on its impact on my brain. Yes – my brain!

Most people think of fasting as a way to lose weight, help maintain healthy levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, and positively impact health and wellness. And yes – it does do all of that… and I love those benefits.

But the benefit I love the most is the feeling in my brain when I reach the afternoon of the final day of ProLon, the official fasting mimicking diet – on day 5. On that afternoon, I feel like my brain is dosed with a special “smart magic pill!”

I then feel an incredible clarity and focus of thinking, unlike anything I feel normally, and I consider myself generally a pretty focused and clear thinker. It’s a special feeling one must personally experience to fully appreciate… a glorious feeling of sharpness, energy, insight, and purpose. I feel like I can tackle and succeed at any endeavor – and I actually do.

The last time I did ProLon – the fasting mimicking diet – on the final day, I did a deposition on a case for which I was an expert medical witness. I ran circles around the opposing attorney. I knew every fact perfectly and was able to explain my conclusions with precision and clarity. Needless to say, the case settled soon afterwards, based on my incredible performance.

I must admit, before I achieved this state of mental brilliance for the first time, I did ProLon 4 times. During those first few uses of ProLon, I definitely felt good, but did not achieve the crystal-clear brain feeling I developed later on. Now I get that amazing brain boost every time I do ProLon.

It hasn’t specifically been studied yet, but likely it just takes a little time and practice to get to that wonderful state of mental focus nirvana. And likely too, it varies with the individual as to just how long it takes to achieve that. The intense clarity lasts a few days, and then it gently settles down to a lovely feeling of being just plain smart!

Maybe I can’t stay at absolute peak performance every day, as I’m not really a superhero, but I can stay close to being at peak… and ultimately settling into being just a “very accomplished smart woman” is plenty satisfying to me.

I will undertake my 12th ProLon next week, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it does for my cognitive skills! I’m excited to feel the rush of brainpower again – as those ketones flow through my brain.

Why don’t you see for yourself how great clarity of mind can be and feel? Cheers!

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