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It is impossible to surf the web and not notice articles popping up every day on the benefits of intermittent fasting, or IF. This is a relatively new term to most of the public and can be defined as vaguely

Whatever reason an individual may decide to restrict their eating time – whether it’s to lose weight, enhance their overall health, or for religious reasons – most people can agree that the idea of eating much less often sounds difficult.

I've now done the fasting mimicking diet, ProLon, a whopping 11 times – spanning 2.5 years. It's done some amazing things for my health, and I'll share all of the benefits with you over many blogs, but in this particular

Many articles are written extolling the health benefits of caloric restriction - less cancer, dementia, longer lives

The term “fasting” is often synonymous with various dietary and weight loss regimens. However,  “water fasting” is a relatively newer concept. Fasting may have been practiced for centuries to accommodate various health and/or religious reasons, yet the therapeutic and medicinal

Odds are you’ve heard about fasting. Defined as abstinence from eating, it technically is a prolonged period over 30 hours in duration without food.  Since a child, I have observed Yom Kippur where I do not eat for about 25

Odds are you’ve heard about fasting. Defined as “abstinence from eating,” it is something you may have tried now and then. The potential medical benefits have increasingly been substantiated in animal and medical research projects and now extend to boosting brain power. I