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9 Tips on Surviving A Multi-Day Fast

Fasting can be hard when hunger pains are all you can think about, so download this free e-report to get 9 tips that will help you survive even the most challenging of multi-day fasts!

Intermittent fasting is the new talk of the town, and it makes sense that there’s

In this informative podcast, Dr. Valter Longo—Director of the Longevity Institute at USC, and founder

It is impossible to surf the web and not notice articles popping up every day

Whatever reason an individual may decide to restrict their eating time – whether it’s to

The pros and cons of following a structured intermittent fasting plan. The jury is no longer

Do you have a long trip ahead? Like a real long flight to the Orient

I've now done the fasting mimicking diet, ProLon, a whopping 11 times – spanning 2.5

Obesity and chronic health disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes have been deemed as an

Many articles are written extolling the health benefits of caloric restriction - less cancer, dementia,

The term “fasting” is often synonymous with various dietary and weight loss regimens. However,  “water

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