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In this informative podcast, Dr. Valter Longo—Director of the Longevity Institute at USC, and founder of ProLon’s FMD—shares his expertise on the numerous, positive mental and physical effects brought on by fasting.

The pros and cons of following a structured intermittent fasting plan. The jury is no longer out, intermittent fasting (IF) can be a safe, healthy, and viable way to lose weight and address a variety of health-related issues. For those not familiar

Obesity and chronic health disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes have been deemed as an epidemic worldwide by the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, it is no surprise that the scientific and clinical community is invested in discovering strategies to

The word autophagy comes from Greek, where 'auto' means “self” and 'phagein' means “to eat.” Therefore, the word quite literally means to eat oneself. Primarily, this is the body’s mechanism of eliminating all the old, broken down cell machinery (cell